Rock'n Roll


itsonlyloveandthatsall heeft gevraagd: Yes, this whole culture of the past century, is very cool. We are like soulmates tumblr, you know? LOL sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil and I'm still learning. My intention is to apply a little bit of all this culture in my life. And my God, I almost cried when I saw that your hero is John, and you love the Beatles too. This is beautiful.

I’m from Belgium so my English is equally good or equally bad as yours ;) it’s nice we found each other. I really love the hippieculture and classic rock. John is amazing, he was just a wonderful person

Sleeping hippies Amsterdam

lucyintheskywiththesouls heeft gevraagd: You aren't a liar, i really like your blog. Good vibrations to you sweetie! ★

Thank you sweetheart :* good vibes to you, love!

The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park 1969

dandyhippie heeft gevraagd: Lovely blog:) far out<3

Thank you :)

decembersflowerchild heeft gevraagd: Did you know that the word "hippie" cam from the word hipster?

Yes I know, it’s a subculture from the fourties, but the word ‘hipster’ is nowadays a word with a whole different meaning, and that’s what my url’s about, I just love hippies, the people from the sixties and seventies, the flowerpower, I like them more than the hipsters from now


itsonlyloveandthatsall heeft gevraagd: Hello???

Hi! :)

The Beatles in India