Rock'n Roll

And someday, someday I’ll find true love like this {

And someday, someday I’ll find true love like this

And this is one of those things why I move The Beatles {

And this is one of those things why I move The Beatles

beatles asks!

  • 1: john or paul?
  • 2: george or ringo?
  • 3: ringo's eyes or john's smile?
  • 4: paul's lashes or george's accent?
  • 5: opinion on george's eyebrows
  • 6: is paul dead?
  • 7: if john took you on a date, where would you go?
  • 8: sgt pepper or teddy boy?
  • 9: yoko or cyn?
  • 10: if you could meet one of the fabs, who would it be and why?
  • 11: do you ship mclennon or harristar?
  • 12: if you could spend one week with the beatles, what would you do?
  • 13: would you rather spend a month with paul and do nothing but talk, or have one night of pleasure?
  • 14: if you could be any of the beatle girls, who would it be?
  • 15: if you could have a threesome with two of the boys, who would they be?
  • 16: if you could take the place of the beatle girls, would you?
  • 17: pre or post-lsd george?
  • 18: opinion on yoko?
  • 19: would you rather talk to george about religion or john about politics?
  • 20: would you rather pet-sit martha or all of john's cats?
  • 21: spend an afternoon shopping with jane or having coffee with cyn?
  • 22: who looked the best in a mop top?
  • 23: opinion on ringo's beard?
  • 24: beatle you'd marry?
  • 25: beatle you'd have a one night stand with?
  • 26: beatle you'd tell all your troubles to?
  • 27: discuss music with brian epstien or george martin?
  • 28: go skiing with george or parading with ringo?
  • 29: have mo's hair or pattie's eyes?
  • 30: which beatle girl do you most admire?
  • 31: if john was alive today, what do you think he'd be like?
  • 32: sgt pepper outfits or collarless suits?
  • 33: what would you do to see the boys in concert?
  • 34: opinion on revolution 9?
  • 35: which beatle would you want to see in lingerie?
  • 36: which beatle or beatle girl would you be best friends with?
  • 37: a beatles song you secretly dislike?
  • 38: favorite single?
  • 39: a beatle girl you don't particularly like?
  • 40: paul's 'let it be' beard or his abbey road sandals?

I’ve been to the grave of a wonderful man, Jim Morrison. We miss you, Lizard King.